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Reviews of science fiction movies

The Endless (2017) Review

Two brothers re-visit a cult that they escaped long ago to try to understand why their memories of the place are so different. They're caught up in the secret that is Camp Arcadia and need to learn its secret to survive...

Arrival (2016) Review

Twelve large alien vessels appear in the skies in various cities around the world. World militaries rush to learn how to communicate with the aliens in order to learn their intentions.

Ad Astra (2019) Review

Major Roy McBride is sent to destroy the remains of the Lima Project, which is suspected of causing power outages on Earth. The Lima Project was a vessel sent to the outer solar system in order to search for evidence of...

Coherence (2013) Review

A group of friends are having a dinner party when the power goes out. They soon discover that something's not right when they find another house on the block that is an exact copy of their own house.