The Lesson by Cadwell Turnbull

The Ynaa, an advanced alien species, hovers above the US Virgin Islands for an indeterminate amount of time and for undisclosed reasons. Five years pass, and they're integrated with the people. Tensions, fear...

Terminus (Threshold Book 4) by Peter Clines

Murdoch and his Family go on a quest to some distant uncharted island to destroy the Machine and allow the Great Ones to come to Earth. Meanwhile, Veek and a group of sailors try their best to unravel a...

Invasion: Day of Battle (The Invy War Book 2) by J. F. Holmes

The Confederated Earth Force launches its all-out surprise ground, air, and space attack on the Invy, and their failure or success will determine the fate of humanity.

Storm Warning (Tertiary Effects Book 2) by William Allen

After a giant rock strikes the planet and causes catastrophic damage to the environment, people must now prepare for the effects of the strike: massive storm systems that further throw survivors into disarray.

War of the Spheres by B. V. Larson and James Millington

Gray is tasked by the Ministry of Control to aid a scientist's research that will allow humans to move beyond the solar system, but others want to stop Gray and humanity from moving beyond the barrier.

Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars Book 4) by Jack Campbell

President Iceni and General Drakon work together to establish and strengthen the new government at Midway while defending themselves against a plot by a former advisor. Meanwhile, an enigma warship threatens...

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