Destruction (Derelict Saga Book 3) by Paul E. Cooley

Marines attempt to divert the beacon and aliens in order to save humanity from the threat of the extrasolar lifeforms.

Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell

Amahle is a Light Chaser, someone who travels the universe to collect life stories, but one story she collects exposes a heinous plot and reminds her of her true purpose.

Lost Time (The Timeless Void Book 2) by Craig Robertson

Pros Interesting strategies fought between the clan and RyanWriting is still engaging and fun Cons Plot doesn’t make much progress in this story considering powers of timeOther characters in the...

Ryan’s Gambit (The Timeless Void Book 1) by Craig Robertson

Jon Ryan and Sapale embark on another dangerous mission to save the universe from time-eating aliens who threaten to remove Earth from time itself.

Constitution (Legacy Fleet Book 1) by Nick Webb

Captain Granger is the captain of one of the last of the legacy battleships that is about to be turned into a museum piece, the ISS Constitution, when aliens known as the Swarm once again attack Earth, giving...

Freezer Burn (Waymaker Wars Book 2) by Rachel Aukes

Humanity must unite in order to fight off an even more violent artificial intelligence focused on safeguarding humanity at any cost, including the termination of human life.

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