City World (Undying Mercenaries Book 17) by B. V. Larson

The Galactics press Earth and its entire space fleet into service to fight for survival against a Galactic attack in a system farther away than Earth has ever imagined.

Rogue Planet (Flight of the Javelin Book 3) by Rachel Aukes

The Black Sheep are caught in a wormhole and discover an overwhelming threat that they must stop before it exceeds in causing the extinction of humanity.

Free Station (Flight of the Javelin Book 2) by Rachel Aukes

The Galactic Peacekeepers are under attack and Throttle and her Black Sheep must fight back to save the Peacekeepers and the system from pirates.

The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

Jamie Gray is a driver for a food-delivery app until he meets an old friend who hooks him up with a job at The Kaiju Preservation Society, an organization that protects massive Godzilla-like animals from Earth...

Takeover (Galaxy’s Edge Book 10) by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

The story follows Carter, a former Legionnaire, who works for a private military contractor with its own agenda on the planet Kublar.

Tomb (Derelict Saga Book 2) by Paul E. Cooley 

S&R Black and its crew attempt to retrieve the derelict ship Mira when they discover a deadly secret hidden from them by the powerful AIs known as the Trio.

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