Lost in Kragdon-ah (An Alex Hawk Time Adventure Book 2) by Shawn Inmon

Alex has to travel the wide and dangerous world of Kragdon-ah in order to rescue the girl savior spoken of in prophecies.

Star Soldiers (Central Control Book 1) by Andre Norton

Pros Interesting story that takes place on a galactic scaleEasy to see how this book could have been influential for modern military science fiction Cons Tone of the story can feel a bit too formal, especially...

Vapor Trails (Terran Scout Fleet Book 3) by Joshua Dalzelle

After Jacob Brown steals his father's ship, the Phoenix, to hunt down the leader of the One World group, it's only a matter of time before Earth or Jason Burke chase him down.

The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry by J. Allen Hynek

Dr. Hynek investigates sightings of UFOs from Project Blue Book and other sources using a methodical approach that only considers the cases most likely to reflect unknown or strange phenomenon.

Belisarius (Ember War Pathfinders Book 2) by Richard Fox and Ben Stevens

Carson and her team of Pathfinders are tasked with exploring an alien planet and escorting Standish for his new movie when the mission out to be more than they had expected.

Light the Way (Ember War Pathfinders Book 1) by Richard Fox and Ben Stevens

Lieutenant Anderson and his team of Pathfinders head into a mysterious gate for a search and rescue mission, but what they encounter threatens the very universe.

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