Solitude (Dimension Space Book 1) by Dean M. Cole

Pilot Vaughn Singleton must rescue Commander Angela Brown onboard the ISS and work with her to figure out what caused humanity to disappear.

Wayward Galaxy (Wayward Galaxy Book 1) by Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney

Pros Great writing for action scenesMystery introduced with the plot is intriguing enoughSome AI characters with personalities Cons Not much is revealed about the mystery in this first bookSurvival of the...

Star Rage (Stars End Book 3) by M. R. Forbes

Commander Stone retreats to Bruxton in order to warn the Alliance about the threat of the banshees.

Arrival (Annihilation Book 1) by Joshua T. Calvert

Pros Mystery of the aliens, their goals, and their backgrounds are all interestingAction scenes are done well enoughProtagonist is a kindergarten teacher, an average person Cons Transition between first half...

Steel Sworn (The Ibarra Crusade Book 2) by Richard Fox

Ely Hale must survive the planetary siege and bring his secrets from Terra Nova to the Ibarran Crusade so that he can save humanity from the Geist.

Ashes Fall (The Ibarra Crusade Book 1) by Richard Fox

Ely Hale returns to Earth with a Qa'Resh probe fragment in his mind, but little does he know that he returns to a humanity struggling against a Geist enslavement.

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