Empire (Unification War Trilogy Book 3) by Joshua Dalzelle

Pros Somewhat satisfying conclusion to the series regarding fates of charactersSome exciting scenes with action and suspense Cons Focus is heavily on Wolfe and Russo rather than other charactersSome aspects of...

Warrior of Kragdon-ah (An Alex Hawk Time Adventure Book 4) by Shawn Inmon

Pros Same suspense and thrill from previous booksIntroduction of some two new companions adds some depth to storySome exciting new challenges that expands the world of Kragdon-ah Cons Some of the dangers of...

Odin (Territory Wars Book 3) by Devon C. Ford

Barton and his Special Operations Group are sent on a mission to capture a crucial New Russian Confederacy food planet, where they encounter a persistent and deadly enemy.

Anomaly by David Kazzie

Claire Hamilton, an astrobiologist, travels to an uninhabited island to investigate an anomaly and tto rescue her husband, believed to be dead over a decade ago.

Star Kill (Stars End Book 2) by M. R. Forbes

Alliance Commander Stone and Commune Captain Rozik must work together in order to notify their military leadership about the new alien threat facing humanity.

Hades (Territory Wars Book 2) by Devon C. Ford

Barton goes through selection for Special Operations while his old team need to protect a politician whose goal is to convince a breakaway system to work with the Combined States instead of the NRC.

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