Mondays See You ‘This’ Week! (2022) Review

Yoshikawa, a young worker at an advertising agency discovers she's repeating the same week over and over.

Invasion (Red Company Book 4) by B. V. Larson

Sergeant Starn and the Borag are recruited to defend Mars against an ancient and powerful alien ship devastating the outer colonies.

Earth’s First StarFighter Volume 4 by Han Yang and Michael Angel

Darius Rutledge and a young humanity face off against the much more powerful and established Iglax Star Empire.

Blackheart (Terran Scout Fleet Book 6) by Joshua Dalzelle

Jacob Brown and his crew are tasked with hunting down the Viper, a deadly assassin whose loyalty lies with the highest bidder.

Galactic Heritage (Galactic Heritage Book 1) by Matt Coleman

Pros Interesting story with a somewhat fresh premise Story universe feels dynamic and promises more excitement Cons Story starts off a bit slow and doesn’t pick up until the conflict is introduced A...

The Object by Joshua T. Calvert

Astronauts launch an expedition to an extrasolar object passing by the solar system that has the potential to change humanity's perspective on the universe.

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