Tomb (Derelict Saga Book 2) by Paul E. Cooley 

S&R Black and its crew attempt to retrieve the derelict ship Mira when they discover a deadly secret hidden from them by the powerful AIs known as the Trio.

Marines (Derelict Saga Book 1) by Paul E. Cooley

A group of space marines explore the Mira, a ship that has been missing for half a century and has returned to the Kuiper belt.

Ice World (Undying Mercenaries Book 16) by B. V. Larson

James McGill is caught up in another scheme involving Earth, a powerful public servant, and a fortune in galactic wealth that is sought after by many interested parties.

Return from Kragdon-ah (An Alex Hawk Time Adventure Book 3) by Shawn Inmon

Alex Hawk once again has to save Kragdon-ah from a massive invasion force and other catastrophic events in the world of Kragdon-ah.

The Return by Joseph Helmreich

Andrew Leland's abduction is captured on camera and viewed by billions of people around the world. Upon his return, he claims he remembers nothing, while Shawn, a graduate student in physics, believes...

Into the Battle (Rise of the Republic Book 2) by James Rosone

A united Earth fights for New Eden, a mineral-rich planet in a faraway system, as it prepares to defend itself in a fight for survival against the Zodarks, a powerful alien species with an empire that spans...

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