The X-Ship (The Soldier Book 1) by Vaughn Heppner

Against the backdrop of a war that has ravaged humanity, Jack Brune, a super soldier, awakens in the future under the control of a mysterious organization that is determined to use him to uncover secret...

The Terran Menace (Terran Menace Book 1) by J. R. Robertson

The Confederated Terran Systems, made up of the superpowers of Earth, are attacked by their allies the Alarians, and Earth faces yet another threat of extinction unless Ben Hutchins and his father the tech...

The Alpha Protocol (Alpha Protocol Book 1) by Duncan M. Hamilton

Luitenant Samson investigates a suspicious cargo ship and sets off a series of events that finds him at the forefront of new and dangerous chapter for humanity.

Boundless (The Lost Fleet Outlands Book 1) by Jack Campbell

Admiral Geary must lead a fleet of ships across dangerous space controlled by the Syndicate Worlds and mysterious and aggressive aliens to establish a diplomatic tie with the Dancers.

Parallels (2015) Review

While searching for their missing father, a brother and sister come across a building that takes them to parallel universes.

The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette

Seven people in Cambridge, Massachusetts wake up to the end of the world, and they have to discover what happened in a world that has already forgotten the existence of humans.

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