Valence (Confluence Book 4) by Jennifer Foehner Wells

Jane attempts to recruit allies to defend Earth from the Swarm while Zara, on Earth, attempts to prepare the planet for the impending attack.

Passport to the Cosmos by John E. Mack

John E. Mack reveals to readers the purpose and reasoning behind the alien abductions. He reveals not only the possible reasons behind the abductions, but also a way of seeing the universe in a new light.

The Fires of Hell (Galaxy on Fire Book 4) by Craig Robertson

Jon Ryan continues the fight against the indomitable Adamant. Ryan strikes a deal with the devil in order to take down the Adamant, so he must face the consequence.

Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Bruce Goldberg details various interesting cases regarding reincarnation in this book, and these cases point to a reality about the human experience that is fascinating.

Firestorm (Galaxy on Fire Book 3) by Craig Robertson

Jon Ryan plots a rescue plan to rescue the two shapeshifters Mirraya and Slapgren from the Malraff and the Adamant. Meanwhile, other parties are interested in Jon's companions.

Rockfall (Tertiary Effects Book 1) by William Allen

An enormous rock hits the planet, obliterating a chunk of the planet and killing millions. Bryan Hardin struggles to survive the effects of the planetary catastrophe.

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