The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette

Seven people in Cambridge, Massachusetts wake up to the end of the world, and they have to discover what happened in a world that has already forgotten the existence of humans.

Green World (Undying Mercenaries Book 15) by B. V. Larson

Legion Varus revisits Green World in the Skay sector to fight off rebels who threaten Earth.

Strange Company (Strange Company Book 1) by Nick Cole

Strange company takes on a mercenary contract and events take a turn for the worse when the Monarchs get involved.

UFOs Are Real by Clifford E. Stone

Sergeant Clifford E. Stone uses the Freedom of Information Act to gather documents and data that show that the US government takes the subject of UFOs seriously and that the government believes both UFOs and...

Exodus (Forgotten Starship Book 1) by M. R. Forbes

Earth has been ravaged by an invading alien species, and the colony ship Pioneer is one of humanity's last hope for survival.

Raven’s Peace (Peacekeepers of Sol Book 1) by Glynn Stewart

Captain Henry Wong, the exterminator of the aggressive Kenmiri, is sent to a Gathering to help negotiate a peace for the United Planets Alliance with former allies during the war against the Kenmiri.

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