A History of What Comes Next: A Take Them to the Stars Novel (A History of What Comes Next Book 1) by Sylvain Neuvel

Mi'a, the 100th born in a line of Kibsu, and her mother, strive to bring humanity to the stars while being hunted by a dangerous and persistent foe focused on exterminating the last remaining Kibsu on Earth.

Wrath of the Ancient Gods (Rise of the Ancient Gods Book 4) by Craig Robertson

Jon Ryan has to come up with a plan to destroy the Cleinoid gods before they ravish the known universe.

Infinite2 (Infinite Book 2) by Jeremy Robinson

William Chanokh has a new companion, and a new nemesis, in this sequel to the first novel. Only this time, some of the nightmares imagined by humanity come alive, forcing William to wade through the depths of...

Hell’s Horizon by Richard Fox and Jonathan Brazee

Two capable commanders from opposing sides of a war face off in an exciting military battle.

Leviathan (The Lost Stars: Beyond the Frontier Book 5) by Jack Campbell

The infamous Geary leads the charge against a fleet of "dark" ships controlled by artificial intelligence. These dark ships now threaten the alliance.

Zero Limit by Jeremy K. Brown

Caitlin Taggart and her crew accept a dangerous and risky mission to corral an asteroid rich in resources. A catastrophic disaster occurs that forces endangers not only the crew, but Earth as well.

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