Dead Reckoning (Omega Force Book 15) by Joshua Dalzelle

Jason and Omega Force search for their friends Lucky and Cage.


  • Fun and exciting adventure story that finds Omega Force perhaps back at its mercenary roots
  • Satisfying conclusion regarding the team
  • Plot progresses for Omega Force


  • Some questions unanswered like the identity of the antagonist

Dead Reckoning Review

Dead Reckoning by Joshua Dalzelle concludes the arc that found Lucky and Cage onboard a criminal mastermind’s luxury ship after a mission left Cage mortally wounded.

Dalzelle has done a fine job developing characters in Omega Force that are unique and relatable enough that readers have become endeared to them much in the same way that Jason Burke has come to see Omega Force as the family he has chosen.

So when Bruke’s family is in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to fight for them, and readers feel that whatever actions he takes are justified in the recovery of family. In fact, it’s this familial relationship that also contributes to Lucky’s later decision in the novel to help an unexpected character.

While the plot for this book is fairly narrow—Burke and and the battlesynth Combat Unit 707 team up in order to recover their friend and lot mate Combat 777, or Lucky. While the book focuses on this particular conflict, other subplots introduced in the previous book Unleashed, like Crusher’s genetic manipulation, come to a fairly satisfactory conclusion.

Like Omega Force’s other missions, this mission to recover Omega Force team members is filled with adventure, a healthy amount of destruction, fun firefights, and some camaraderie that further develops characters readers have come to enjoy.

While relationships and interactions between the members of Omega Force are as fun and expected, there is a surprising revelation of depth with Crusher and an understanding that comes with traveling companions between Combat Unit 707 and Burke. These relationships inject a bit more humanity into characters that would otherwise be fairly shallow or robotic.

However, one unfortunate event that befalls Omega Force and their home leads to perhaps more interesting prospects for fans since such an event thrusts the crew back to its original roots instead of finding itself firmly lodged comfortably in a rut.

One drawback of the story is that the antagonist isn’t revealed to readers, but perhaps his identity and role will be revisited in the upcoming book of the series.

Dead Reckoning by Joshua Dalzelle is an exciting adventure that not only provides readers with a satisfying conclusion but promises fans of the series a return to the thrill-seeking, combat-hungry, destructive crew that they have come to love and expect.

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