United Nexus (Homeworld Lost Book 6) by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon

Noah Gantx and the crew of the Kayan must find a way to save Earth, the Milky Way, and the Reach galaxies from an invasion by a powerful alien empire residing in another galaxy.


  • Great story progression without the plot getting bogged down on a single point
  • Plot expansion to include Earth and expand the series
  • Hopefully final resolution regarding Collins


  • The fight with Collins seemed a bit anticlimactic given the buildup

United Nexus Review

United Nexus by J. N. Chaney and Scott moon is yet another riveting adventure starring the diverse and expert alien crew aboard the sentient ship Kayan who are all tasked with saving multiple galaxies from a powerful alien empire.

Noah Gantz and the crew of Kayan have multiple adversaries to face in this book. First, they must once again hunt down Tate Collins and the advanced Earth drone fleet and crew Collins managed to deceive into serving under him.

On top of the threat posed by a power-hungry Collins, Gantz must deal with the overshadowing threat posed by the Seer and their minions.

In this story, Gantz is supported by former adversaries, including the Kayan hunters who once chased Kayan across the galaxy. One new supporting character is a nice surprise because of what the character represents in terms of possibilities and perhaps dangers.

Like other books in the series, United Nexus is filled with suspense and thrills that see Kayan’s crew traversing vast distances and fighting against soldiers and ships.

Meanwhile, Gantz still struggles with the overwhelming power of the Seer devices and the question of their loyalties and motivations—who or what do these devices serve and are they sentient? These unknowns add a bit of suspense to the story, especially since the devices seem to work at random rather than through intent

Readers are also introduced to the flagship of the Seer fleet, but the descriptions leave a lot to be desired. In fact, the flagship is a bit more barren than one would have liked, though there’s a serendipitous encounter with a robotics expert who proves to be useful.

As with previous encounters with Collins, the final showdown—the buildup regarding the descriptions of the warships, the reveal regarding the power of the Earth drone ships, and the growing threat posed by Collins promises much—is a bit of a disappointment even if readers would be familiar with how Collins is captured.

Many revelations at the conclusion of the book lead to the expansion of the story universe. It’s difficult to see where the story will lead after the conclusion with the Seers and their minions, but with the reveal, there are also many directions for the story to head toward.

United Nexus by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon is an exciting and thrilling science fiction adventure that will keep readers engaged with likable, distinct characters and action-packed scenes.

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