Earth Rising (Homeworld Lost Book 5) by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon

Kayan and her crew discover Dane Ryger and her secret work when they return to Earth to settle an alien race called the Jykeen and defend Earth against an invasion force.


  • More history about Earth and its role in the wider conflict
  • Engaging story about Kayan and her crew’s struggle to stop an invasion force
  • Return of the Woz


  • Doesn’t feel like much was accomplished in this story except the discovery of Dane

Earth Rising Review

Earth Rising by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon continue their thrilling adventure across galaxies in this fifth book of the Homeworld Lost series featuring Noah Gantz and the crew of Kayan in their attempt to save two galaxies from an invasion by powerful minions residing in a third galaxy.

One great aspect of the series is its gradual expansion of the story universe. Sure, the first book finds Noah already thrust across an entire galaxy and into a new adjoining one, but the story gradually develops from there.

In Earth Rising, Kayan and her crew leave the Hoyon world once Kayan is repaired and perhaps even upgraded. Once off the newly christened Tyton Eight, Noah and his crew once again face multiple obstacles and challenges, including the return of an old acquaintance once thought dealt with in earlier books.

These new challenges include fighting off the Seer servants and their powerful armadas devastating the Reach and now, Earth’s system. As well as defending the Reach against these invaders, Noah and Kayan must find a home in the Milky Way galaxy for an ancient alien race known as the Jykeen. Of course there’s only one planet in the Milky Way that is known to be inhabitable.

The mystery of Celia and Ryg’s mother is finally resolved, and her appearance introduces yet another challenge for Noah and Earth.

There’s not much resolution in this fifth book of the series. If anything, Noah’s problems just grow even though some questions and mysteries are unraveled. More information is provided to readers about Earth what has transpired there since Noah’s absence and return. Humanity is quickly being introduced to the wider universe, and its ability to adapt to the situation may be the only thing preventing extinction.

Two old acquaintances return in this book, with one of them being a bit unwelcome. The characters are well-developed enough to be distinct and relatable despite being alien, and the crew’s becomes more prominent in the story.

All of these new obstacles and challenges in the story does make it feel a bit cluttered, especially since some of these obstacles aren’t resolved. The fate of Celia and Ryg’s mother, while resolved, only introduces more problems for the crew.

Earth Rising by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon is an exciting, action-packed book that leaves readers eager to get onto the next book to learn the fate of Kayan and her crew of misfits-turned-friends.

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