Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Bruce Goldberg details various interesting cases regarding reincarnation in this book, and these cases point to a reality about the human experience that is fascinating.


  • Fascinating interviews of people with cases of reincarnation
    • Author’s claim that some cases were verified are also interesting
  • Some potential avenues of discovery and healing for people who have issues
  • Some fascinating insight into the human experience
  • Writing easy to follow


  • People may not accept hypnosis as a valid diagnostic tool
  • No hard evidence to support claims
  • Some claims, like those regarding reptilians, are a bit difficult to accept

Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed Review

Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed by Dr. Bruce Goldberg contains not only some interesting past life cases, but the collection also includes fascinating cases involving people who have future lives as well.

This collection of past-life cases is unique in that it briefly makes some interesting observations regarding the future and even the gray aliens that have become a part of modern abduction and alien narrative. These observations are intended to support the hypothesis that some of these alien visitors are from the future instead of some other planet.

Readers who have read other books on past lives, likely from Dolores Cannon or Edgar Cayce, will find a lot of similarities between the cases Goldberg presents and other writings. What Goldberg states foremost is that the past life readings are intended to help the patient, so any other goal, like learning more about the future, becomes secondary.

Still, some of the possibilities gleaned from the patients and Goldberg’s cases are intriguing, especially those possible futures described in the book. Readers should note that while these futures come out of the patients, Goldberg notes that these are but one of many possible futures. New readers to the subject will find this idea confusing and difficult to accept: that our experience of time is linear, but that time itself exists all at once. As such, actions can affect the past as well.

There are some comments that Goldberg makes regarding diseases or other health issues that may have a cause rooted in past lives. I’m not sure how I feel about this as this may encourage readers to look outside of medicine for help, but the health issues that Goldberg describes and the solutions seem plausible enough.

Other claims, like those regarding the reptilians, call into question the validity of other aspects of the book. In fact, toward the end of the book, more comments are made with a tone of certainty that really test the boundary of acceptance. However, I suppose if people accept the extraordinary premise that the past life phenomenon then having reptilian time travelers isn’t too out there.

Many of the past-life cases are going to seem mundane for readers who have read Dolores Cannon’s works. But it’s those few cases involving light people, time travelers, and future lives that make this collection extremely intriguing. Unfortunately, Goldberg doesn’t delve too far into these areas, offering instead only some commentary and leaving readers wanting more.

Overall, Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed by Dr. Bruce Goldberg presents some fascinating past-life case discussions that range from ancient times to future times. Dispersed among these cases are tantalizing observations that really need more thorough investigation and analysis, like the cases revealing “light” people, the aliens, and the future cases. This book is likely to whet readers’ appetites for more information about the subject.

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