The Uninivited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon by Nick Pope

Nick Pope, former head of the British Government’s UFO project, reviews some UFO and abduction cases with an objective and more scientific perspective.


  • Interesting conclusion about the purpose or motivations regarding abductions
  • Provides a survey of possible motivations for abductions
  • Good overview of the abduction phenomenon
  • Writing style is very accessible
  • Author appears authoritative and credible


  • Doesn’t provide a definitive answer or evidence regarding alien abductions
  • Some claims feel a bit too “out there”

The Uninvited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon Review

The Uninvited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon by Nick Pope is a fantastic read for readers who want to learn more about the alien abduction phenomenon. The ridicule surrounding the subject is likely enough to put many readers off, but an objective, open-minded approach to this book and others, like John E. Mack’s book on abductions, will raise more questions for readers than provide answers.

Pope’s writing style is very conversational and accessible, making the subject a bit more approachable and transparent than a more scientific or technical writing style. That makes this book on abductions a lot more approachable for a wider audience. Additionally, the tone of the writing is objective and compassionate, with a focus on helping abductees rather than exploiting them for any knowledge regarding UFOs or aliens.

What makes this book particularly interesting is that Pope writes from a UK perspective, and the abductions, as well as the research, have a slightly different “flavor” to them than do the abductions in the United States. Pope comments that the abduction phenomenon must extend to others around the world as well as throughout time as well.

Perhaps one of his most controversial claims is the connection between folklore and mythology with aliens and abductions. Today, readers may know this as the ancient alien theory, and it’s a little surprising to see this theory brought up in a book about alien abductions. There’s an attempt to “connect the dots” throughout history and cultures with aliens, so for some readers, this may feel a bit of a stretch.

Regardless, the analysis of abduction cases that Pope uses to try to understand the phenomenon is methodical, and it leads to some fairly interesting questions regarding the aliens. At one point, Pope comments that perhaps the technological gap between humans and these potentially otherworldly beings may not be so wide after all. Or at least, their technology is within the human realm of understanding today, whereas such technology would have appeared magical to our ancestors.

Any researcher into the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon would do well to read this book. Even if the abduction process is fairly recognized or understood today—the floating through obstacles, the loss of time, or the shut-off of cars—the hypotheses that Pope presents at the conclusion of the book are quite intriguing even though they come with the disclaimer about attempting to understand an alien entity or thought process.

The Uninvited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon by Nick Pope provides a solid survey of the alien abduction phenomenon and is a must-read for anyone who is interested in learning more about the field. Even readers more familiar with abductions from other books will find some intriguing ideas that may shed some light, however limited, into the motivations of these entities.

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