Green World (Undying Mercenaries Book 15) by B. V. Larson

Legion Varus revisits Green World in the Skay sector to fight off rebels who threaten Earth.


  • More fun, action-packed adventures involving even more outrageous enemies
  • Less of a focus on McGill’s obsession with women and more on the action


  • Some of McGill’s focus on women seems out of place, like during a heated battle
  • Not as much progression ini the series within the story universe

Green World Review

Green World by B. V. Larson continues the unbelievably lucky adventures of one James McGill. Per McGill’s usual routine, he slaughters his way through aliens, lies through his teeth to his soldiers and commanders, and sleeps through the women in his life. In other words, it’s business as usual for this next book in the Undying Mercenaries series.

What does differ a bit is the story’s subplot concerning Dust World’s cloning and McGill’s daughter, Etta. While the focus on Della and Etta have subsided, this new plot promises more chaos dreamed up by eccentric geniuses.

Some other signs that point to potential upsets in a series that is a bit in a rut is the promise of character changes. Carlos, Natasha, Etta, and even Floramel make an appearance and promise to become more or less active.

Green World continues Varus’ rampage on a world introduced in previous works. McGill’s archenemy makes yet another appearance, though later events suggest a possible end to that villain’s antics.

This time around, McGill is charged with investigating missing military supplies, and this investigation leads him, in his characteristic fashion, to stumble across and unravel some mysterious by his lack of thought and sheer luck.

What weaknesses Green World has won’t be a surprise to fans of the series at this point. McGill’s ability to lie through his teeth and be believed defies belief for some readers of science fiction, yet McGill’s conversational style, as well as the writing style, makes the story a humorous and enjoyable.

Green World by B. V. Larson is yet another fun book in the Undying Mercenaries series that readers can consume quickly. There’s a bit of character development and some foreshadowing to some other plots that may be explored in future books.

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