Earth’s First StarFighter Volume 3 by Han Yang and Michael Angel

After defending the newly established Umbria Prime colony from unknown attackers, Darius must find a way to permanently secure humanity’s place among the stars.


  • Exciting adventure continues with Darius attempting to defend newly established Umbria Prime from those who wish to exploit and harm humanity
  • Great action-packed thrilling scenes
  • Expansion of the story universe


  • Feels like a lot is happening very quickly compared to previous books where the pacing of the plot was a little slower

Earth’s First StarFighter Volume 3 Review

Earth’s First StarFighter Volume 3 by Han Yang and MIchael Angel sees humanity making a grander entrance into the galactic stage with the proxy war against the Iglax coming to a fairly explosive conclusion.

Darius’ first foray onto the larger galactic stage wasn’t a quiet one. Readers may remember some of the first few missions that found him entangled in some political game with more powerful and influential aliens.

Volume 3 continues this trend of this David vs. Goliath story where humanity is David and the Iglax are Goliath. Whereas humans have only a few systems colonized, the Iglax are established aliens with fleets that can turn humans and humanity into a single footnote on the history books of the story universe.

The story opens with an attack on humanity’s new colony, Umbria, by a secretive mercenary outfit that goes to extreme lengths to hide its employer. The mercenary company goes as far as remotely terminating anyone who poses the threat of being captured and interrogated, making identifying the real enemies of humanity difficult.

But the real enemy isn’t too difficult to glean. After all, these aliens were one of the first to exploit humans and later steal Jupiter, causing devastating damage to Earth’s climate system.

The main plot of the story is dealing with these enemies who not only fight by proxy but who also have the means and the motivation to squash humanity. There’s a reason why they don’t do so openly even if that reason feels a little weak.

While working toward bolstering the defenses for Umbria, Darius once again sets into motion a string of events that increasingly ups the ante in this game of survival for humanity. Between humanity’s extinction and the Iglax is one exceptional starfighter, Darius of Tennessee.

Between participating in an exciting race, meeting a renowned starship designer, making new friends, welcoming old friends, expanding Redline’s operations, Darius doesn’t get much rest. A lot is happening in this story, and while it may feel a little overwhelming, perhaps this is setting the foundation for an even grander story unfolding on the galactic stage.

One reason why this series is so enjoyable is that it’s not too different from a fantastic science fiction game called X4: Foundations, an amazing space sandbox game where players start off in a single ship and build and defend an empire. Along the way, players can pilot capital ships, trade, play as pirates, or go through the plot. In many ways, the game is similar to this series by Han Yang.

Earth’s First StarFighter Volume 3 by Han Yang and MIchael Angel is a fantastic adventure story that sees humans carving out a small territory in an increasingly crowded universe of rivaling interests and powers.

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