Edge of the Future (The EDGE Book 1) by Andria Stone

Captain Mark Warren has to unravel the conspiracy that targets his research before it takes over his life and perhaps the world.


  • Engaging mystery and conspiracy
  • Good action scenes


  • Slow to start

Edge of the Future Review

Edge of the Future by Andria Stone is an interesting science fiction story that features cyborgs and conspiracies set in not-too-distant future where humanity has mostly united under one banner and has colonized parts of the inner solar system.

Captain Mark Warren is a genius scientist who works for the Terran Military Defense (TMD) in the field of cybernetics, specifically in integrating cybernetic replacements for soldiers. During a burgeoning time of space exploration, a mysterious group led by a psychotic leader is fixated on the potential implications of Warren’s research.

When an attack on Warren’s research facility fails to recover top-secret research notes, the mysterious female leader, BC, intensifies her attempts to secure Warren’s research through any means possible.

BC’s increasingly failed attempts reveal her vast, globe-spanning network and conspiracy to exploit, control, and command an army of humans, cyborgs, and in-betweens in order to colonize the outer system before Earth. Whoever controls the resources of the outer systems will be unimaginably wealthy and powerful.

The story follows Warren and his assigned guard, Sergeant Von Radach, through their attempts to unravel the mystery of BC and evade her attempts to capture Captain Warren and his advanced research on cybernetics.

The story takes place on Earth and Luna, a colony on the moon. There’s not much in terms of space exploration, nor is there an emphasis on spaceships or weaponry, though these elements in the story exist. However, the conclusion of the story does hint at perhaps an expanded setting that may find characters headed out into space.

Fans of science fiction who are into the techno-thriller subgenre will love the elements of this book: cyborgs, cybernetics, conspiracies, and action all set in a not-too-distant future.

The unraveling of the conspiracy is paced well enough to keep readers engaged, and every revelation is followed by more questions to maintain the intrigue of the story. But the story does take a little longer to establish the foundation of the mystery even when it begins with a literal explosion that sets off an alarm at the research facility.

Edge of the Future by Andria Stone is an engaging techno-thriller mystery that is sure to entertain fans of the subgenre and science fiction fans alike.

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