Aftershock (Terran Scout Fleet Book 5) by Joshua Dalzelle

Captain Brown and his Scout Team Obsidian hunt down the perpetrators of a conspiracy to abduct human refugees.


  • Resolution to one of the main plot mysteries of the series so far
  • Great adventure story and suspense
  • Enjoyable plot


  • Can feel a little like a clone of Omega Force with the team makeup at times

Aftershock Review

Aftershock by Joshua Dalzelle gives readers the answer to the mystery of the disappearing humans within the chaotic larger galaxy that they now find themselves in.

In addition to solving the mystery of the disappearance, Brown and Scout Team Obsidian reveal some shadowy human actors who, like Jansen, had their own yet-to-be-revealed motivations. 

What Captain Brown and his team also discover may change the balance of power within the local arm of the galaxy, and with Earth’s recent advancements, humanity stands to gain from this big upset.

Like Dalzelle’s other stories, Aftershock is an exciting adventure story that finds a relatively young protagonist not only finding his place in the larger galaxy, but also helping humanity to find its place among the crowded and dangerous stars.

There’s still some ground and space combat, though those features aren’t as prominent in this story as in others. Instead, there’s a focus on tracking the trail of clues in the galactic mystery of disappearing alien refugees.

Along with the tracking is some character development. One good aspect of any series is seeing the characters grow–like their readers, characters need to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and make better choices. Brown’s growth throughout the series is one of the endearing qualities about the series.

One aspect of the series that could use some improvement is the team composition. Team Obsidian is becoming too similar to Omega Force, especially with the temporary addition to the team later. These similarities can sometimes make the story feel more like a parallel universe story wherein Jason Burke is the team leader of a scout team. The comparisons are difficult to ignore, especially with the similarities between the team members.

While the main mystery is resolved, there are still some questions that remain unanswered. Among those are the motivations and people behind the human abductions and the question of what will happen with the changing loyalties and borders of the major galactic empires. 

One character remarks that the new Earth fleet of ships pose a serious threat, implying that Earth’s focus on technology and shipbuilding may have come just in time to meet the challenges of a new era that is perhaps brought about by some unknown actor.

Aftershock by Joshua Dalzelle gives a satisfactory resolution to the mystery of the abducted humans, and those responsible for the crime meet a satisfying, albeit unofficial, punishment. But the implications of this resolution can have some serious consequences or benefits for the human race in the upcoming changes in the balance of power in the galaxy.

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